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Business Office Insurance

This type of business office insurance will¬†provide protection to the business property or building from known risks.¬† If you work from home then you will need to have home office insurance as your home contents insurance may not cover things like your Mac or PC, printers, laptops, work mobile etc. And if you hold meetings at home then you’ll need to consider things like public liability insurance too.

What is Business Office Insurance?

Business office insurance has been created to provide ample protection to various assets of your business. This can include business equipment and machinery, and the building or property in which your business is situated. This type of insurance will cover various aspects of your business property during theft or any damage caused by explosions, fire, accident, or any other accepted act of nature. You can also opt for an additional insurance cover for office equipment and it is known as contents insurance. If you have a small business that you are running from home then it is always advantageous to have contents insurance apart from a standard homeowner’s policy.

Other Business Office Insurance Coverage

There are certain areas of business office or property that is not covered under the standard business office insurance policy. If you have such a requirement then you will need to invest in additional business office insurance plans. You can research over the internet and get free and discounted quotes from various providers on additional property insurance covers. Some of the most common type of additional business office insurance covers includes:

  • Undamaged stock protection: This type of business office insurance will cover any undamaged goods or items manufactured or marketed by your business. The condition is that the insurance cover will be applicable if the goods can no longer be marketed due to damages.
  • Data protection: This type of additional business insurance covers loss of important data or company and client records, which have been destroyed.
  • Computer virus protection: This is a new and popular type of business office insurance, which mainly covers any loss of data due to computer viruses. Since several small businesses operate from home, and depend on computers for storing information, this is a useful insurance cover to have.